As a Member of the most CONSERVATIVE state legislature in Arizona’s modern history, Representative Vic Williams campaigned and successfully brought REFORM to Arizona for his constituents in Marana, Oro Valley, Casas Adobe and Unincorporated Pima County.  Vic kept his campaign promises to help develop state based IMMIGRATION LAWS, effectively deal with staggering deficits when he and colleagues CUT THE BUDGET BY 25%.  Vic voted to PROTECT THE UNBORN, secure our 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS and was ENDORSED BY THE NRA for making Arizona one of the most gun friendly states in the Union.

In the 2012 legislative session, he VOTED AGAINST OBAMACARE EXPANSION by blocking its passage in committee and worked tirelessly to PROMOTE FREE MARKET ECONOMICS through the passage of effective legislation targeted at helping Oro Valley’s largest and most successful biomedical employers to-date.  Rep. Williams has been recognized time-and-again as a LEADER and a FIGHTER for his constituents and throughout the State of Arizona. 


With Vic Williams on the Pima County Board of Supervisors:

Vic will stand and fight for you, the tax payers of Pima County, to ensure that ECONOMIC GROWTH and PROSPERITY is available for all, and not just a select few!

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Kelly Townsend

Former Arizona House Majority Whip

President – Historic Arizona BBA Planning Convention

​Chairman – BBA Planning Convention Committee

Chair of the Elections Committee

I endorse Vic Williams for Pima County Supervisor.

Steve Chucri

Maricopa Board of Supervisors District 2

“Vic is well-qualified to lead Pima County and will be a positive community builder for Southern Arizona.”

Patti Comerford

Councilmember Town of Marana

Patti has been elected to five terms on the Marana Town Council, beginning in 2001. She served as vice mayor from 2011 to 2013. And served seven years on the Marana Planning and Zoning Commission.

Patti asks that you vote for Vic Williams.

Tom Taylor

Retired Business Owner

“The thing you need to know about Vic is he listens and cares about constituents. He helped me save jobs for my 135 employees when I needed help.”

Watch Tom’s Video

Tyler Mott

Former Supervisor Ally Miller’s Chief of Staff, former State Senate candidate from District 9, 1st VC Pima GOP and former Chair Pima Young Republican Club

“I have known and worked with Vic since 2004. He has a proven record of leadership in the Legislature. He has fought and delivered for our community and his constituents. Vic asks the tough questions. He’s NOT a ‘go along to get along’ type of guy. Vic supported Ally Miller and will fight for a full economic recovery for Pima County to be made whole again.”

Jonathan Sparks


Jonathan Sparks is passionate about his politics and recognizes the same in Vic Williams. He endorses Vic Williams for Supervisor. “Pima County needs someone with Vic’s experience and economic knowledge to bring real change to Pima County…. Vic will be a Supervisor with integrity and leadership.” Vic stands against the special type of cronyism Jonathan faced in our court system. Vic will ‘Defend’ not ‘Defund ‘ Law and Order and equal treatment for everyone.

Watch Jonathan’s Video

Donna Alu

Former LD 26 and LD 9 Republican Chairman

“I encourage everyone to vote Aug 4th. Please don’t miss this most important opportunity to make the decision about who will be our next supervisor. And I ask that you vote for Vic Williams.”

Carolyn Leff

Carolyn Leff LD 23 Republican Activist

“I have known Vic Williams from the beginning of his political career. Vic is a man of integrity and honesty.”

Vote for Vic!

Jack Paddock

Local Business Owner

“I have worked with Vic for the last year. He is honest and man of character” Who else do you know that would publish their own phone for people in need!

Vote for Vic!

As an Arizona Legislator, I was recognized or endorsed by the following groups:
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