Stonegarden – Misleading Facts And Red Herring Narratives

OPED by Vic Williams . January 3, 2020

As a prior member of the most conservative State Legislature in Arizona’s history, and with a track record of campaigning on and voting for State Based Illegal Immigration laws, I find it imperative that Pima County Government strive to bring in every Federal dollar to fund the Sheriff’s Department. The funds are mandatory in order to continue protecting the residents of Southern Arizona.

The undeniable, sad, truth is that within 30 miles south of Tucson there are warning signs posted to warn travelers of smuggling and other illegal activity that may be encountered.

The situation is worsened by open border, highly-liberal politicians who would walk away from federal funding dollars and then blame others for the resulting chaos.  Our nation has made great strides since 2016 in dealing with the effects of illegal immigration, but there’s still a long way to go.  Bringing in Stonegarden funds to equip and fund our law enforcement should not be questioned but welcomed by everyone in Pima County, citizens and non-citizens alike.

While serving in the State Legislature my colleagues and I crafted a pension reform that was signed into law.  I personally vowed to never take a state pension.  This is an issue where I’ve made personal sacrifice to serve the voters of Southern Arizona.  I’m now planning a 2020 run for the seat Ally Miller will be vacating on the Pima County Board of Supervisors.   Dealing with pension issues and reform will be a priority for me.  Poorly cared for pension plans and abuse can bankrupt communities over time as we have seen at the State level and around the country.

Let’s keep our focus on protecting the residents of our community and ensuring leadership act as good stewards for Pima County, as they have been elected to do.

Representative Vic Williams was in the State Legislature for two terms from 2009-2013 and is now a candidate for Pima County Supervisor.

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