Vic Williams Celebrates Birthday Filing Nominating Petitions for Pima County Supervisor


PIMA COUNTY (April 6, 2020) – Former State Representative Vic Williams filed his signatures to officially be on the August 4th Republican primary ballot for Pima County Board of Supervisor in District 1. To file on April 6th was determined early on in the campaign to be a unique way of celebrating Vic’s birthday, that same day.

“I’d like to thank the 645 people who opened their homes to me,” said Williams. “I appreciated the time spent with each of you discussing your concerns for the future of Southern Arizona. As a former legislator, businessman and community leader, I believe I bring the necessary knowledge, skills and experience for real results in Pima County.”

“I have been a problem solver in business since 1990. My life has been spent figuring out how to keep businesses moving forward through several down turns and crises while always coming out on top. In January of 2009, at the age of 45, at the very depth of the great recession I was sworn into the Arizona Legislature,” Williams expressed. “Over the next 4-years the hard choices my colleagues and myself made lead the state out of near bankruptcy and put our state on a path of economic recovery and success.”

Vic is equally proud to have served as a member of the most CONSERVATIVE state legislature in Arizona’s modern history, Representative Vic Williams campaigned and successfully brought REFORM to Arizona for his constituents in Marana, Oro Valley, Cases Adobe and Unincorporated Pima County. Vic kept his campaign promises to help develop state based IMIGRATION LAWS and effectively dealt with staggering deficits when he and colleagues CUT THE BUDGET BY 25%. Vic voted to PROTECT THE UNBORN, secure our 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS and was ENDORSED BY THE NRA for making Arizona one of the most gun friendly states in the Union.

“Most of our politicians have never started a business and really don’t understand how to get results. I have, and I do,” concluded Williams. “I know how to bring quality jobs with a balanced approach to economic growth and prosperity to our region.”

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