Vic Williams Responds to The Star

On July 17th, I responded to the following questions requested by an Arizona Daily Star Reporter. The article published was a little unclear with edits and inserts from all the candidates in the District 1 race for County Supervisor.  For this reason, I am publishing the questions and my responses that were submitted to this reporter as most was not reported in the Sunday Star article.

Age: 57

Occupation: I am a single dad who raised an 18-year old son and owns a successful commercial real estate development and management business in Tucson and Phoenix. Prior to real estate development, I founded one of the largest used warehouse equipment material handling and industrial engineering companies in the Western United States from 1990 until May 2003 when I sold the business in California to come to Arizona.

Education: Most relevant is my 30 years of OJT as a business owner and legislator: creating jobs, supporting low taxes, and maintaining a strong sustainable economy with limited government.

Relevant Experience:  I served two terms in the Arizona Legislature. I campaigned on and passed state-based immigration reform, effectively dealt with staggering deficits during the 2008 Recession by cutting the state budget 25%.  As a state legislator, I have a proven track record of voting to protect the unborn, securing our 2nd Amendment rights and was endorsed by the NRA for making Arizona one of the most gun friendly states in the Union.

What have you found are the top three issues for the race? Jobs-Safety-Corruption

And what policies do you propose to deal with those issues? My three top priorities and policies are as follows:

  1. Champion pro economic development in District 1 and throughout southern Arizona. Create business-friendly environment that welcomes employers to our region. Bring key development areas within our county for suitable industry serving citizens’ needs and the business community.
  2. Prioritize Law Enforcement needs to provide a safe and secure environment for citizens throughout Pima County. Ensure infrastructure spending for roads from our general fund pay-as-you-go program and HURF dollars are not misspent, which leads me to my 3rd point.
  3. Work tirelessly to shine a light on and break up cronyism and corruption. Ensure all who seek to create businesses in Pima County do so from a fair and level playing field that does not favor a privileged few.

Why should voters pick you and not your opponents?

I am the only candidate in this race with a political and business leadership background.  I’ve owned my own business for 30 years and served in the Arizona House of Representatives for two terms, (2009 – 2013) from a district that includes much of District 1.

It’s the job of the Board Members to provide political and economic leadership. In the 17 years I’ve been a resident of Pima County, I have yet to hear a consistent pro-business agenda coming from the political leadership here. I am that voice; a voice that will champion jobs and business creation each day I serve. My extensive leadership capabilities and experience will allow me to navigate and effectively implement policy.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to these questions.
Vic Williams

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