Vic Williams: One Proud American

“I’m proud to be an American” may be an unpopular statement today.

As American cities burn, police departments across the country come under assault, Planned Parenthood reaps millions in CARES Act money it wasn’t supposed to get and our culture seems to feast on itself in a frenzy of Twitter-driven mob rule.

Things aren’t easy, but they never have been for America.

There is a fire raging in all corners of society, and we desperately need elected officials to stand up and speak for America, but they seem preoccupied, distracted, and, frankly, afraid.  We elect representatives for times such as these; to be leaders and statesmen, who stand up and say “Enough. Not on my watch.” From all levels of government, we need adults to courageously defend the American virtues of equality under the law, of justice for all, and to ferociously protect the freedom of individuals from the tyranny of mobs, the authoritarian thought control of woke corporations, and the corrupt power of the state.

Stand up. Yes, even if it upsets the other side and they call you mean names.

I stand to celebrate the greatness of America and all we have done for the world and humanity.   That is the ethos I live by and dedicate my life to while I walk on this wonderful and glorious planet.  That is the creed I share with my son, my love ones, my family, my business partners, and all who I can influence.  Together we must stand firm and protect American tenets for all. We must never lose sight of the fact that America unites us with its founding ideals. Let’s stand together to take pride in our shared American experience.

I’m proud to be an American!

I’m Vic Williams, Candidate for Pima County Supervisor


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