Thank you!

Dear Williams 2020 Supporters:

I am writing to say thank you very much for your support on my campaign for County Supervisor.

I was deeply touched by many of you who supported me and many others who gave me words of encouragement and well-wishes on the campaign trail. To those who helped gather petition signatures, made phone calls, knocked on doors, held meet & greets and put up signs , even though we came up short, I know we ran a good campaign and were able to build a strong grassroots effort because of your support. We made personal contact with over 10,000 voters in District One and should feel proud of our work, I know I am proud to even come in “second” in this four-way race.

I called Steve Spain shortly after the election to let him know he has my support. Now we must all help Steve Spain so that we keep the District One Republican. Democrats managed to surpass Republican voters in the District One primary for the first time ever! Voter turn-out increased in this primary by 47% for the Democrats, while Republicans only went up slightly by 1.87%. This should be a wake-up call to all Republicans to step up the fight.

This is not the time to rest or take anything for granted. We must not only support Steve Spain for Supervisor in this district but also multiply our vote by telling five friends who can tell five more friends to do the same.

I invite you to join me and get excited again about this upcoming general election. Please know you’re not alone in this, I’ll be working by your side to achieve these goals:  to re-elect President Trump; and keep District One and our State Red!

Together we can achieve this knowing there’s a pretty incredible ending in store for us when we do, but we must get excited again because the happy ending will be to save our country from socialism at every turn and failure is not an option.

From the bottom of my heart, a huge thank you to all of you for all that you did for my campaign. We wouldn’t have gotten nearly as far as we did without your help!


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