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Southern Arizona needs a vision into mid-century and beyond. A Pima County Board member has the distinct privilege and opportunity to have their voice heard. Words matter! It’s the job of the Board Members to set the political and economic agenda for Southern Arizona. In the 17 years I’ve been a resident of Pima County, I have yet to hear a consistent pro-business agenda coming from political leadership in Southern Arizona. I am that voice; a voice that will champion jobs and business creation each day I serve. As a small business owner of 30 years I know the importance of job growth for our region. Since moving to Pima County in 2003, I have worked tirelessly to serve Southern Arizona. My extensive leadership capabilities and experience within the political, legislative, work, business, and community service arenas will allow me to navigate and effectively implement policy.

My three top priorities are as follows:

  1. Champion pro economic development in District 1 and throughout southern Arizona. Create an environment of a business-friendly community that welcomes employers to our region. As a fighter with a track record for job creation in Pima County, I will be the job generating supervisor. Be our County’s biggest booster. Look to private – public collaboration to ensure Pima County has a ready workforce to fill high-tech, professional, to trade careers. Look to promote future economic development through land use that suites the community. Visioning key development areas within the county that will bring suitable industry that works for the citizens’ needs and the economic realities of the business community.
  2. Work to prioritize infrastructure spending for roads and streets is in place from our general fund pay-as-you-go program and HURF dollars are not misspent. Long-term county health infrastructure is adequate to service our community in times of crisis. Other county services are well-managed, efficient, and run within budget such as parks, animal control, and sewer. Well-managed, maintained, and efficient county government services will lead to greater economic growth. But the Board of Supervisors owes it to the taxpayers of Pima County to keep a watchful eye on the supervision of these services and to keep them free of bloat and mismanagement which leads me to my 3rd point.
  3. Work tirelessly to shine a light on and break up cronyism, patronage and corruption. Ensure all who seek to create and develop jobs and businesses in Pima County will do so from a fair and level playing field that does not favor a privileged few. Work to reform government as I did in the state legislature during the great recession. This will be needed as we slip into this coming economic disruption caused by the pandemic and the forced closure of the economy.

My background in leadership positions can be summed up into the following three categories:

  1. Political & Legislative Career;
  2. Work & Business Development; and
  3. Community Service.

Political and Legislative Career:

I served in the Arizona House of Representatives for 4 years, from 2009 until 2013, in a district that included the Catalina Foothills, Marana, Oro Valley, Casas Adobe, Flowing Wells, City of Tucson, and unincorporated Pima County. I was known as a strong commonsense, pro-business Representative who carried and passed several business development bills promoting industry throughout the State of Arizona for local concerns such as our bioscience industry in Oro Valley.

During my time in the Arizona House of Representatives, I was recognized or endorsed by the following groups:

  • Arizona Commerce Authority
  • Arizona Bioscience Industry Association
  • League of Cities and Towns
  • Arizona General Contractors Association
  • Arizona Chamber of Commerce
  • NFIB – Small Business Association
  • Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
  • Arizona Association of Realtors
  • Tucson Association of Realtors
  • Tucson Utility Contractors Association

While in the Arizona House of Representatives I served or Chaired the following committees:

Work and Business Career:

My business career has been in two distinct areas: I first started my career in Industrial Material Handling Engineering from 1988 until May 2003 when I sold my business in California. From 1995 until currently, I have been a Commercial Real Estate Developer.  In 1995, I began investing and developing in commercial real estate.  My first acquisitions and developments were in Southern California and then later in Arizona (Pima & Maricopa Counties).  By May 2003, I transitioned from a passive investor to working full-time as a commercial real estate professional.  Since 2004, I have either been a licensed real estate broker or salesperson in Arizona.

Community Service:

Since 1993, I have balanced my professional career, family life and serving my community. I believe the fabric of American exceptionalism comes from three interwoven principles: an open and democratic republic, a free-market economy, and volunteerism. Each of these are interdependent upon each other. Through community service, over the past 27 years, I have gained a greater insight into our community needs and how to best govern. Since moving to Southern Arizona, I have raised or contributed nearly $50,000. to such groups as the local Rotary, Lions, Soroptimist Clubs, YMCA, Disabled American Veterans (DAV), the Hearth Foundation, the Christina Taylor-Green Foundation and Tucson Association of Realtors. Before moving to Arizona, I worked closely with regional chapters of the American Red Cross, Boys and Girls Club, Rotary and Habitat for Humanity, doing more hands-on services back then.

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